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Kostenloses Webinar, 11.02.2016
How Will the New Privacy Regulations Affect Your Digital Set-up?

Speaker: Aurélie Pols, Mind Your Privacy
Sprache: Englisch
Organisator: Piwik PRO in Kooperation mit der DAA Germany

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The so-called Cookie Directive brought into force in 2011 was supposed to place privacy at the forefront of the digital analytics profession. While it did raise awareness somewhat, it also turned out to be more of a false alarm and did not prove to be a real threat to the ever-increasing data opportunities. The privacy debate has since evolved, partially following the Snowden revelations, but also due to the rise of big data. As more and more threats to privacy are being recognized, global legislation is pushing ahead. Meanwhile consumers are blocking ads, hampering (hindern) data quality. Join us to understand what this means for digital analytics, where this trend is heading and what you need to know.